Following the European Parliament EMAS Action plan 2011 every political group has to prepare good practices and awareness raising activities as regards paper consumption addressed to Political Groups. This online survey will help to understand the current situation concerning the general awareness and daily office habits amongst the ALDE MEP offices and staff.
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EP has made a commitment to reduce paper consumption by 20 % by the end of 2011 compared with 2006. ALDE has year by year reduced its paper consumption remarkably. Some examples of it are: ALDE press releases and invitations to the events are ONLY electronic; bookkeeping is fully electronic; all documents for the Group Meeting are printed on both sides; session agendas are distributed only once during the session and only strictly necessary documents are printed for the whole group. However, even today tons of unused meeting dossiers are simply thrown out.

ALDE group purchased for secretariat use 594 box of paper in total in 2010.

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